Save your shoe boxes so you can make these 7 fun DIYs

Shoe boxes. You're not quite sure what to do with them. You don't want to simply throw them away, because you may use them for something, but what? Aside from kids' art projects and shadow boxes, it doesn't seem like shoe boxes have much use.
That's where you're wrong! These sturdy cardboard boxes are just the right size for multiple crafts, and upcycling a shoe box is not only good for the environment, but saves you money, too, because you can turn them into something truly useful.
1. Jewelry hanger (h/t Home Awaits Us)
All you need is a shoe box lid to make a really cute jewelry organizer you can hang in your bedroom or bathroom. Keep your necklaces from getting tangled up with this clever project.
2. Shelves (h/t Creme de la Craft)
Create colorful wall shelves to display knickknacks and make a striking visual statement. It's hard to believe these groovy shelves are made from shoe boxes!
3. Phone projector (h/t Photojojo)
You may have seen those really cool projectors you can attach to your phone to show images or video content on a wall or screen. Save your money and make your own with a few things you may already have on hand.
4. Heart basket (h/t Happy Hour Projects)
Use the tough cardboard from a shoe box to create an adorable heart-shaped box. Perfect for Valentine's Day goodies or everyday storage, this yarn-covered box looks precious on a dresser.
5. Chalkboard (h/t Stow and Tell U)
Perfect for parties, holidays, and a multitude of uses, these simple DIY chalkboards are fun to use and easy to make with shoe box lids.
6. Picnic basket (h/t Jen Goode's 100 Directions)
Create a cute picnic basket for al fresco meals with a shoe box. It's a great way to carry flatware and even some snacks on the go.
7. Organizers (h/t Sunny Lin)
These cute organizers are useful for many things, whether you use them for office storage or bedroom storage, they're sure to come in handy.
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