Get the most out of your camera stabilizer by following these 7 tips

A camera stabilizer is a great tool to invest in as a videographer. Learning how to use one can greatly improve your videography skills as well. Get the most out of your camera stabilizer by following these 7 tips.
Many videographers enjoy shooting action scenes but if these aren't taken correctly, the final shots will appear blurry and shaky. Using a camera stabilizer can greatly reduce and eliminate the unsightly blur from these unwanted videos. Check out these tips to best use your camera stabilizer.
1. Be careful how you walk
This is a pretty self-explanatory tip, but you don't want to walk naturally when using a camera stabilizer, or the camera will pick up the up and down movement of your walk. Keep your elbows locked and try not to bend your knees. These may be hard to do at first since they aren't natural, but with practice both will become easier.
2. Wheels
Use some wheels to shoot a smoother sequence. This doesn't have to be a fancy tool that you spend a ton of money on. Use what you have around you, such as a bike, skateboard, car or wheelchair.
3. Weighty matters
If your gimbal is heavy based on the equipment you have on your camera, such as a large lens, you will get tired easily and end up with less than stellar shots. Keep as much weight off as possible. One way to do this is to use a smaller lens, and then adjusting that lens to meet your needs for the day or for your shot for the time being.
4. Electronic panning
A tripod can be used here since it further helps smooth out panning for certain shots. You can also buy or make a slider to create a variety of looks. Experiment with different tools here until you get the shot you want.
5. Quick release
To save time, set up the camera so you can easily attach it to the gimbal or tripod. A quick release adapter can really save you time by setting up your camera on a gimbal and tripod. If you have to change a battery or switch lenses these might take time, but then you can easily use the quick release adapter to get back to what you were doing.
6. Distance
Using the same distance while shooting will also help with stabilization. Walk behind or in front of your subject with the same distance between you and your subject. Doing this will help keep the focus the same.
7. Focus
It's hard to change the focus once the camera is on a gimbal for stabilization. One way to fix this is close down the aperture. Also, keep your focus on the part of the movement that you want your audience to see the most.
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