7 tips you should be following when using a wide angle lens

There are a variety of lenses you can buy and use as a photographer. Based on the types of shots you want to get, invest in a wide angle lens. Here are 7 tips you should be following when using a wide angle lens.
If you enjoy taking pictures of landscapes and other shots where you want to take in as much as the scene as possible, get a wide angle lens. Using a wide angle lens can be difficult, but you can improve your techniques with practice. Utilize the tips below to better use your wide angle lens.
1. Foreground
Make sure there is something for the viewer to see in the foreground to draw them into your shot. Since there is so much to see in a wide angle shot, pick a subject or a few objects to keep in the foreground of your picture. Don't keep too much out or there will be no interest in the photo.
2. Distortion
If you don't want anything in your shot to be distorted, look at the lines in your picture and make sure the camera is pointed straight toward the horizon line. If you prefer a distorted shot, play around with the angle of the lens until something appears larger or smaller than it should be, such as a very large foreground.
3. Lines
Use lines from your shot to also draw in the viewer. Look for lines while shooting in a city, such as on sidewalks, curbs and trees. A wide angle lens will make the lines appear larger, based on your composition.
4. Frame it
You can find a variety of ways to frame your picture, since the wide angle lens can include so much in the shot. Find a place to shoot a scene using a window, door, or other way to border your shot, such as an interesting rock formation when taking a landscape photo.
5. Skyline
You can take some very interesting and beautiful shots with the sky on a nice, clear day. To get the most out of this type of picture, have 1/3 to 1/2 of your shot the the sky. Make sure there is something in the foreground for the viewer to look at and draw them in.
6. Vertical shots
Horizontal shots are popular with wide angle lens, but try taking shots vertically. You will get a different perspective of a building, hill, or other tall object when shooting it vertically. Keep in mind the possible distortion that can happen with the lines, and have fun trying out new ways to take shots vertically.
7. Low shots
Try taking in a scene by shooting low to the ground. This will give an interesting view of the scene, such as a statue, building, or other object with the sky in the background. Remember to get as much in the scene as possible, such as a tall building, to make a great composition.
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