9 DIY table ideas that you can totally make yourself

It's always fun to redecorate your home, but it can be frustrating when you don't have enough room in your budget for a brand-new table!
However, you have more options than you might think! There's no need to invest a ton of money into a new table when it's this easy to make your own.
1. Double X console table (h/t Remodelaholic)
I don't know about you, but this fun double X console table is just what my entryway needs! You can customize how long it is, so it's a great project for anyone who has a very specific space they want to fill.
2. Danish modern coffee table (h/t Francois et Moi)
This sleek modern coffee table has a fairly small visual footprint, so it would be the perfect choice for a smaller space. It's also quite an easy project — it uses an old tabletop!
3. Table made from a door (h/t The Handmade Home)
This is another fantastic upcycling project, but instead of using an old tabletop, it uses an old door! Don't worry about getting slivers — a piece of glass placed on the top provides a nice clean surface.
4. Cable spool coffee table (h/t Latte Love)
If you're looking for a slightly easier project, this DIY coffee table fits the bill! As long as you can find an old electrical cable reel, you should be good to go.
5. Hairpin leg dining table (h/t A Beautiful Mess)
This hairpin leg dining table requires some woodworking, but it's an easy enough project to tackle even if you're a beginner! If making a dining table seems too daunting, you could scale the project down and make a smaller coffee table instead.
6. Wine crate coffee table (h/t Vintage Chic)
It doesn't get much easier than this wine crate coffee table. You can play around with different stains to get the exact look you want!
7. Plumbing pipe tutorial (h/t 4 Men 1 Lady)
If you love industrial-style tables, you should try making your own out of plumbing pipe and simple boards! I love how this table is on wheels — it would be so easy to move around for dinner parties.
8. Concrete dining table (h/t Uncookie Cutter)
Would you have ever thought of making your dining table out of concrete? Me neither! However, I think it's such a good idea — don't get scared off by the idea of working with concrete.
9. $30 marble table (h/t The Sorry Girls)
This marble table is so trendy — it blew my mind when I learned that it only cost $30 to make! It's a great example of why marble contact paper is one of the best craft supplies out there.
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