5 different ways you can get the rainbow effect on your photos

Great light is so important in producing amazing pictures. How about adding color to your pictures with a rainbow? Here are 5 different ways you can get the rainbow effect on your photos.
You can use a variety of materials, objects and software to achieve the rainbow effect. Below are a few of these methods. Try them each out to see which one you like best.
1. Suncatchers
You can buy suncatchers at a craft store or online variety store. Place one or more in front of your camera and shoot away! Experiment with different angles to bring out the most color on your subject.
2. CD trick
One way to get the rainbow effect on your photos is by using a
CD. Use an object to bounce light from the CD to your subject. This might be tricky, since you also want to be holding your camera with the other hand and not show the CD in the shot. This may take practice but the effects are really neat!
3. Rainbow paper
You will need to do some more prep work for this one. Get some lamination paper and different colors of liquid chalk markers. Using the markers, add all the colors on paper and place in front of your camera. Have fun trying out different angles with the lamination paper.
4. Cello paper
Get several different colored pieces of cello paper and place each around a light, such as a flashlight. Have your subject hold two lights toward himself or herself, while you or an assistant angle the other lights toward the subject. Experiment where each light is placed on the subject to get the best rainbow effect.
5. Prism
Using a prism is another great way to bring in the rainbow effect to your photos. Place the prism in front of your camera and start taking shots. It may take some practice and placing the prism at different angles, but once you get the hang of it you will produce beautiful rainbow effects in your photos!
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