6 tips and tricks you need to know about product photography

Product photography is a great side gig or full-time job to get into. After all, you will get paid to take photographs of products all day. Here are 6 tips and tricks you need to know about product photography.
One of the important parts of product photography is the background. There are different ways to get an ideal background, and getting this right can keep customers coming back for more products. Keep this in mind when shooting products.
1. Black velvet
If you are wanting a black background use velvet. Black velvet won't wash out or lighten up in photos like other materials will. Premier velvet works best and will last a long time. It will stay a rich, dark black to help the products stand out.
2. White background
There are different types of white backgrounds you can use to show off the product. Use a plain white background or infinity cove. An infinity cove is a curved space that makes the background look like it keeps going.
3. Diffuser
A flash diffuser will soften the light in your shot, instead of adding harsh light to a product. Using a regular flash will cause unnecessary reflections and too bright light on the product. A flash diffuser will make the product stand out and attractive enough to be bought.
4. Use one light source
Use only one source of light for product photography. Combining two or more sources of light will cause a bad picture, which you want to avoid when taking shots of products. You want the product to look appealing enough to be bought, so stick with one light source.
5. Bokeh background
If you are taking lifestyle photos of products, create a Bokeh in the background. You can blue the background using a special lens, which will bring the focus on the product in the foreground. Play around with blurring certain parts of the shot to which picture brings out the best in the product being shown.
6. Color psychology
Color can make or break a sale, so choose wisely when thinking of a background. Using the right colors in the background can encourage sales of the products. Black and white are popular colors for background product photography.
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