6 tips to help you out when you are shooting in natural light

Getting the lighting right is so important in photography. Today we are going to look at getting started shooting in natural light. Here are 6 tips to help you out when you are shooting in natural light.
Natural light can be tricky, since you don't have any control over the light source. You can work with natural light though, by following these tips. Keep these in mind before your next photo shoot with natural light.
1. White balance
Keep in mind what type of white balance you are using when taking shots in natural light. You want the light to be as close to possible as the original view. Practice using different white balance settings until you find the right one pertaining to when and where you are taking your shots.
2. Overcast
Soft light is ideal for shots, and overcast days result in this soft lighting. make sure you are using the right white balance for an overcast shot. Make sure to get some pictures when the sun is out as well, since this will brighten up your subject for the time being.
3. Noon light
Taking pictures around noontime is usually not the best time to take shots, due to how harsh the light is. For certain photographs though, this is the perfect time to take shots. If you are taking pictures of water, this is a great time to take shots. You can also look for a shady place for pictures if your subject is a person.
4. Golden hour
The golden hour is the hour before sunrise and after sunset. This is another time when the lighting is soft, ideal for picture taking. Have your camera's settings changed to bring out the most of your pictures at this time.
5. Indoor light
Indoor light is another great way to bring in natural light to a photograph. Place the subject by a window or door to get as much of the natural light on the photo as possible. Have your subject stand in different directions, such as half toward the light source and facing the light source.
6. Experiment
Make sure to practice and experiment using all these methods and others. Experiment using one method, such as shooting photos during the golden hours until you master it, then move on to shooting with other types of natural light. Remember to have fun while learning photography!
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