How to make a blanket ladder out of wooden dowels

A blanket ladder is not only pretty to look at but also serves a purpose. This DIY project is a creative way to display a pretty throw blanket while also adding some decoration to your space.
If you're tired of having nice throw blankets hidden away, this is the project for you. Watch the video and read the instructions to see how you can make a simple blanket ladder out of wooden dowels.
- 2 sizes of wooden dowels
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Power drill
- Spade bit the same size as the smaller dowel
- Wood glue
- Decorative leather/suede string
- Wood offcuts
1. Take the larger dowel and, using a ruler to make sure the spacing is even, mark with a pencil where you want to place each ladder rung.
2. Using the spade bit, drill holes in the marked spots halfway through the dowel. Place a block of wood, such as an offcut, under the dowel before drilling to help stabilize it.
3. Fill the holes with wood glue and place a smaller dowel inside each hole to create the rungs of the ladder.
4. Once the rungs are glued in place, wrap the decorative leather or suede string in a criss-cross pattern where each ladder rung meets the side poles of the ladder.
5. After the ladder is dry, place a folded blanket over a rung to complete the look.
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