How to make a box out of mirrors

Everyone wants their living room to look like a magazine spread, with no clutter in sight, but making that happen can be a bit of a challange. With this DIY project you can get one step closer to that dream.
This box is not only perfect for tucking away clutter (think TV remotes) but also looks chic as a piece of decor on a shelf. Check out out the intructions and video below to see how to get started on this pretty mirrored box that hides clutter in a stylish way.
- Scrap paper or newspaper
- 6 pieces of 3/4-inch wood 4-1/2 inches long
- 4 pieces of 3/4-inch wood 6 inches long
- Wood glue
- 6 large mirror tiles 6 inches square
- Super glue
- Clamps
1. Place a sheet of scrap paper or newspaper on the work surface.
2. Use wood glue to join two of the shorter wood pieces and two of the longer wood pieces to form a square.
3. Repeat step 2 to create another square.
4. Attach the two squares on the bottom with the two remaining short wood pieces, leaving the top of the cube without side pieces.
5. Add super glue to edges of the nonmirrored side of one of the mirror titles.
6. Press the tile onto one side of the wooden cube. Secure with a clamp to ensure the tile is held securely while drying.
7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until five sides of the cube are covered with a tile, leaving only the top open.
8. Remove the clamps once the super glue has had sufficient time to dry.
9. Place a mirror tile over the opening to serve as a lid for the box.
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