7 trendy DIYs you can make with artificial succulents

It's hard not to love succulents, but what are you supposed to do if you don't have much of a green thumb and struggle to keep your succulents alive for more than a week or two?
Artificial succulents are the solution — they look just as good as the real thing, and they'll last forever. Plus, you can use them to make so many amazing things!
1. Faux succulent planter (h/t Domestically Creative)
This faux succulent planter would be the perfect thing for your coffee table! If a metal container like this wouldn't fit in well with your decor, you could still copy this idea using one made of wood or glass.
2. Succulent wall art (h/t The Homespun Hydrangea)
This succulent wall art is so unique, and everyone will wonder how you're possibly keeping succulents alive in a photo frame! I won't tell if you don't...
3. Faux moss and succulent terrarium (h/t Homemade By Carmona)
I always love terrariums, especially when they have succulents inside them! Don't worry if you can't find a glass container exactly like the one shown here — this idea would look just as good if you used a glass cloche.
4. Succulent soap bars (h/t Live Craft Love)
How cute are these tiny succulent soap bars? They're way easier to make than you might think, and they'd make great favors for a party or a wedding!
5. Faux succulent wreath (h/t Simply Designing)
This faux succulent wreath is such a good idea for when it doesn't make sense to hang a festive Christmas wreath on your front door! It could also be used part of a fun table centerpiece if you laid it down flat.
6. Succulent heart art (h/t Crafts Unleashed)
This is another great idea for succulent wall art! The little heart is so cute, but you could experiment with making different shapes as well. I might use this idea to make a fun monogram!
7. Succulent dream catcher wreath (h/t The Daily DIYer)
Dream catchers are so pretty, but you don't often see any with succulents on them! This would look great hanging anywhere in your house, but you can put it in your bedroom if you want to follow tradition.
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