6 stylish and trendy DIYs you can make with a wood crate

Wooden crates are an easy way to add rustic charm to any space of your house. These crates are easily accessible, as you can find them at many craft stores, and they have no lacquer, so they are easy to paint. The best part? They come already assembled so the hardest part is already done for you.
With little added touches of things like paint, twine, and fabric these DIYs made with wooden crates provide decoration and function to all different rooms of your house. To get started, check out these 6 DIYs made with wooden crates below.
Sconce lamp
This simple lamp DIY is a great blend of rustic and industrial and is a perfect way to add interest and warm lighting to any wall of your home. Using an Edison bulb in the light fixture is a must, as it really adds to the industrial look of the sconce, as shown in the video below.
Suspended vase
Flowers are a great way to add color and a bit of nature to any room, but who says you need to keep them in a simple old vase? This DIY allows your flowers to be front and center, while also giving your space an interesting pop of shabby chic decor.
Stylish ottoman
Storage can be tricky, especially in small places, but with this DIY you can add both storage and style to your living space. The great thing about this DIY is that it is completely customizable. By mixing and matching both the color of paint on the crate and the fabric for the lid, you can create an ottoman that is perfect for any room.
Coffee crate tables
This neat DIY has a lot of interesting components to it. Not only do you get a coffee table, but you are also able to display things alongside of it, making it both functional and decorative. Another bonus? Since this table has wheels you can move it around to wherever you need, or don't need it to be.
This DIY is perfect for small bedrooms since the nightstand isn't very deep. The super trendy and modern metallic hairpin legs give this nightstand a girly feel, without being over the top. Pro tip: if you want a more rustic vibe, leave the hairpin legs in their original black color.
Bathroom crates
Bathrooms can never have enough storage, so these crates are a perfect addition. The great thing about these crates is that they can be used for practical things like towels or washcloths, or decorative pieces that can make your bathroom look more put together. The added stencil letter on the side of the create give these bathroom crates some added rustic charm, but just make sure to tape the stencil down as you are painting to prevent any mistakes.
Grab 2 cheap Dollar store tubs. Add this easy DIY touch to make them look way more expensive
A cosmetic upgrade doesn't need to cost a fortune. The following DIY proves it.
Don't ignore the old food tray. Watch how you can upcycle it:
Pegboard storage box
This project is brilliant if you don't have a lot of space. It will make your life more organized. Just follow along in the video below.
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