Learn to use exposure compensation with these 6 tips

Getting the correct exposure may be tricky for beginning photographers. Using the exposure compensation tool on your camera can be a great help. Learn to use exposure compensation with these 6 tips.
Exposure compensation can help brighten up a dark scene, or darken a shot with a lot of white in it. This tool may also under or over compensate, which is where learning how to use it to your advantage is important, just in case it doesn't produce the correct amount of exposure.
1. Mistakes
Exposure compensation is a great tool to help you gain the correct exposure on your camera, but it is not perfect. You can still make adjustments when needed. Your tool may unintentionally darken or brighten a picture, which you can change post-processing.
2. Familiarity
Get familiar with your exposure compensation controls on your camera. The plus setting will make your shot brighter, and the minus setting will make your shot darker. Each change on the dial represents a stop.
3. Varying shooting modes
You can use exposure compensation with aperture priority, shutter priority, or program modes. You need to change the shutter speed and exposure compensation in aperture priority mode. On the other hand, aperture and exposure needs to be changed in shutter priority mode. Just be aware of what mode you are shooting in and adjust.
4. When to use it
The meter in your camera might over or under compensate the lighting conditions in your shot. You may want to add or take away stops to brighten or darken the shot. Don't completely rely on the meter, since it may unintentionally make a picture too dark or bright.
5. Underexposed
Night scenes are notorious for being overexposed to the point of looking too bright and unnatural. Adjust the f-stops so that the picture is more bright and natural looking. Take plenty of shots in different exposures for practice.
6. Overexposed
If you are shooting a light scene, such as snow, your camera's exposure compensation might darken the picture too much. Many white pictures will be darkened to grey. Retake the shot by adding one or more clicks of exposure until the picture is the right lighting.
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