How to make a sunburst frame with straws

Wall decorations add personality to your living space, but it can be expensive to constantly try to keep up with new design trends. If you want to maximize on trends such as this art deco sunburst frame without maximizing your budget, DIY projects are the answer.
This retro-inspired piece enhances any wall that needs added interest, and it can be customized easily by switching out the color to suit the decor in any room. Check out the instructions and video to get started on this DIY sunburst frame.
- Cardboard
- Small bucket
- Marker
- Mason jar lid
- Box cutter
- Straws
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Liquid metal
- Paintbrush
- Paperclip
1. Place the small bucket onto the piece of cardboard and trace around it with a marker.
2. Repeat step one, this time tracing around the mason jar lid. You should now have a dooughnut-like shape on the piece of cardboard.
3. Cut out the doughnut shape with a box cutter.
4. Cut half of the straws into 6-inch pieces. Cut the other half of the straws into 4-inch pieces.
5. Glue the straws onto the doughnut shape with a hot glue gun, alternating between the 6-inch and 4-inch straws.
6. Paint the entire sunburst frame with the liquid metal.
7. Cut out a small square of cardboard.
8. Fold a paperclip into a triangle.
9. Slide the paperclip into the corrugated part of the small cardboard square.
10. Glue the square onto the back of the sunburst frame to serve as a picture hanger.
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