Learn to take shots from your smartphone like a pro with these 6+ tips

We live in an era where anyone can claim to be a photography expert, thanks to smartphones. But how can you make your shots stand out from the rest? Learn to take shots from your smartphone like a pro with these 6+ tips.
Its so easy just to snap a photo on a phone and call it great. You need to put some more thought into smartphone photos than that. Keep in mind these tips to make your photos stand out.
1. Gridlines
Utilize the gridlines that you can see on your phone's screen. You can use the rule of thirds to center objects where lines intersect and come up with great compositions. These lines will help you balance out your photos.
2. Natural light
Try to use natural light as much as possible with a smartphone camera. The best way to do this is to take photos on a cloudy day, in the morning, or in the evening. You can also play around with exposure by downloading apps.
3. Negative space
Learn to work with the negative space on your smartphone's camera. Filling up the scene with a lot of negative space will make your subject stand out even more. Start by using about two thirds of the composition as negative space.
4. Lines
Using lines in your photos is a great way to draw in the viewer. Keep this in mind when looking for a great composition. These lines can be natural or man-made. Think about lines next time you are on a hike or city walk among buildings and see what kind of photos you can take with lines.
5. Details
You can capture details beautifully with smartphone cameras, when done correctly. Find an object that you can close in on with interesting patterns. Based on the type of smartphone you have, you can focus despite the closeup, or sharpen the image with an app.
6. One subject
Focus on just one subject to balance the space out. Make sure to tap your screen so that the camera knows to focus on your subject. Have the subject placed in only one third of the composition so that the viewer immediately eyes the subject.
7. Editing
A lot of the tweaking on your smartphone photos can be done post processing with apps. Edit to enhance the great photo you already have. You might want to sharpen the subject or brighten up the colors. Whatever you do, experiment and have fun taking pro worthy photos on your smartphone.
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