Go beachy with your decor and try these 5+ sand DIYs

If you love the summertime, then you probably also love making things with sand. It's always fun to make sandcastles, but there are a ton of other cool things you can make out of sand without having to take a trip to the beach.
The summer never feels quite long enough, but you can keep the feeling going with these easy DIY projects. They'll give your home a fun, beachy feel no matter what time of year it is.
1. Beach hourglass
Watching the time pass is a lot more fun when you have this cute beach hourglass to keep track of it. Whether you use it on family games night or simply leave it on the shelf as a piece of decor, it's well worth taking the time to make it.
2. Ombre sand terrarium
Terrariums are all the rage these days, but this ombre sand terrarium is really something special. You can fill it with shells you collected on your last vacation or simply use ones from the craft store. Either way, it's going to add a little beauty to your home.
3. Decor bowl
Nobody will guess this pretty decorative bowl was made out of sand. It almost looks like pottery, but it's way easier to make, thanks to its short list of materials. What color bowl would you want to make?
4. Sand pillar candles
Candles help set the mood, especially when they're as pretty as these. They also would make a thoughtful gift, but nobody would blame you if you wanted to keep them all to yourself. You could easily make a whole bunch because DIY projects don't get much easier than this.
5. Votive holders
If votives are more your style than pillar candles, try this votive holder project. This is another easy one, and you can upcycle an old jar into something useful and beautiful.
6. Vacation memory jars
Do you ever bring home sand and shells when you go on vacation? If you do, you should put it on display in a memory jar instead of keeping it hidden away in the cupboard. A memory jar will remind yourself of your last tropical vacation until you can plan another getaway.
7. Photo frame
Even if you don't have any sand from your last vacation, you probably have a few photos that you love. This project turns a boring photo frame into something special, and it's another decorative way to preserve favorite memories.
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