5+ fun watermelon crafts to help kick-start your summer

With bright colors and happy vibes, summer allows you to use decor that is more fun and whimsical than what you might use the rest of the year. Watermelons are the ideal summer decor inspiration thanks to their easily recognizable shape and colors that are both playful and girly.
Summer goes by quickly, so try out these DIY projects before the fall settles in. Scroll down below to check out how to create these cute watermelon crafts.
1. Watermelon wreath
If this watermelon wreath doesn't scream summer fun, then what does? Featuring bright colors and pom-pom seeds, this wreath is over-the-top gorgeous. Of course, you can make the paper accordions, but if you want to save yourself some work, buy them from the craft store.
2. Watermelon mason jar
Nothing goes together quite like a sunny patio and a nice drink. If this is how you like to spend your summer, then this mason jar turned drinking glass is the DIY project for you. The combination of girly and rustic chic helps you look stylish while enjoying the rays.
3. Round watermelon serving tray
This tray is such a simple way to dress up an everyday item. Watering down the paint lets you have the look of a watermelon without it being too bold and overwhelming. Additionally, the gold handles are very key because they add just the right amount of glam to the tray.
4. Watermelon welcome mat
Whether it's for wet feet or muddy paws, a doormat is a must-have item. Why not make it unique and quirky? This watermelon mat adds color and brightness immediatly upon entering your home. The bonus? This craft is incredibly easy to make.
5. Watermelon wall art
This wall art is both inexpensive and easy to create, which is ideal because it will only be on display for the summer. All you have to do is swap it out for another piece of art once summer comes to a close.
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