How to make a burlap table runner with tassels

This burlap table runner adds a bit of rustic charm to your home, and it only costs a few dollars to make. No sewing is required, so it's a fun project that almost anyone can make.
Even better, it's easy to make exactly the size you need for your dining room table, entryway console, side table or dresser. Watch the video and follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to make one of your own.
- Burlap ribbon
- Scissors
- Sewing pins
- Hot glue gun
- Colored ribbon
- Decorative trim
1. Cut a strip of burlap ribbon to the length you'd like the table runner to be.
2. Cut as many additional strips that same length that you need to make the table runner the right width when they are placed side by side.
3. Place the burlap strips side by side and use sewing pins to attach them to each other.
4. Cut another piece of burlap that is as long as the pinned-together strips are wide.
5. Continue cutting pieces of burlap to this length until you have enough to cover the whole length of the table runner when they are laid side by side.
6. Working one at a time, weave the shorter pieces of burlap through the longer pieces to create a basic checker pattern. Secure each piece with sewing pins.
7. Carefully trim off any excess pieces of burlap.
8. Starting from the bottom, remove the sewing pins and hot glue the strips into place.
9. Cut a piece of colored ribbon the same width of the table runner.
10. Hot glue the ribbon along the bottom of the table runner so half is on the runner and half is off. Fold it to cover the end of the runner and glue it into place. Repeat for the top end of the table runner.
11. Cut two pieces of decorative trim and hot glue it them into place along the ribbon on both ends of the table runner. Trim off any excess.
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