How to make a ring holder out of concrete

Having a place to set down rings when they are not being worn is an important step in making sure they don't get broken or lost. This concrete ring holder not only provides a safe place for your rings but will also look good no matter where you put it.
With its geometric shape and pretty gray color, this ring holder is an easy way to add some modern vibes to your space. The best part? The addition of copper spray paint gives the concrete a beautiful marbled look.
- Panter's tape
- Cardstock
- Scissors
- Plastic container
- Measuring cup
- C0ncrete mix
- 1 tablespoon measuring spoon
- Water
- Plastic putty knife
- Metallic spray paint
- Sanding block
1. Rip off two sections of painter's tape from the roll.
2. Roll the piece of cardstock to form a cone and cut off any excess cardstock. Use the pieces of tape to hold the cone in place.
3. Pour 15 tablespoons of concrete mix into the plastic container.
4. Pour 5 tablespoons of water into the container with the concrete mix. Stir the mixture with a plastic putty knife until it is all incorporated.
5. Add metallic spray paint to one portion of the concrete and water mixture.
6. Drag the putty knife through the spray paint to create a swirl effect.
7. Scoop out the spray painted section of concrete with the measuring spoon and place it in the cardstock cone. Allow the concrete to harden.
8. Remove the cardstock from the concrete cone.
9. Sand the concrete cone using a sanding block until it is smooth and no pieces of cardstock remain.
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