How to make a coffee apron

Aprons are an easy way to protect your clothes while cooking, but they don't have to be plain and boring. Use just a few simple items such as paint and lace to transform your apron into something adorable.
Ideal for any coffee lover, this apron DIY not only has a cute coffee cup image on it but also uses real coffee as a dye for the lace. Check out the instructions and video, and you'll be wearing this coffee-inspired apron in no time.
- Mason jar
- Brewed coffee
- Lace
- Scissors
- Tea towel
- Apron with a front pocket
- Paint palette
- Black acrylic paint
- Paintbrush
- Hot-glue gun
1. Fill half a mason jar with brewed coffee.
2. Cut off a section of lace and place it inside the mason jar so that it is completely submerged in the coffee.
3. Remove the lace from the mason jar and place it on a tea towel to dry.
4. Pour black acrylic paint onto the paint palette. Paint a coffee cup and steam lines onto the front of the apron.
5. Place a strip of glue onto the upper edge of the apron pocket. Press the lace into the glue, folding the lace as you go to create a ruffle effect. Allow the glue to set before wearing the apron.
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