How to make an origami boat

Paper boats are a classic origami project. It doesn't matter if you live close to the water — these pretty boats are cute little decorations meant to remind you of fun times on the water every time you look at them.
This project is fun for kids and adults alike, and of course the boats also make handy little toys for kids to play with! Follow along with the video tutorial and the instructions below to make your own.
- Origami paper
1. Place the paper printed side down and fold the bottom edge up to the top edge. Unfold it, rotate it 90°, and fold it in half again.
2. Open the paper, flip it so the printed side is facing up, and fold the bottom corner up to the top corner. Unfold the sheet of paper, rotate it 90°, and fold it in half like this again.
3. Place the printed side down once again, then fold in each of the four corners so they meet in the center of the square.
4. Fold the top corner back over itself, then do the same with the corner across from it.
5. Rotate the paper so that these folded edges are on either side, then lift the square and gently press these sides in.
6. Flatten the boat out and fold up the bottom so it can sit on the table.
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