How to make a rose petal bookmark

The little things in life give us so much joy. Therefore, why would you use a basic boring bookmark or, even worse, turn down the corners of a book's pages when you could quickly make this precious rose petal bookmark?
The bookmark is a simple DIY that combines two shades of rose petals with a tassel and ribbon. You will take delight each time that you open a book to the page where it is marked. You can also tuck this inside of a gift of a book for someone else, making the present a bit more personal.
- 8.5" wide piece of cardboard
- Scissors
- 11 fabric rose petals in two shades of purple
- Hot-glue gun
- Purple tassel with long string
- 1/2" wide ribbon in purple and white chevron print
1. Cut the cardboard to a size of 2" x 8.5".
2. Apply hot glue around the edges of one light purple rose petal. Press it to the bottom right corner of the cardboard.
3. Apply hot glue around the edges of one dark purple rose petal. Press it to the bottom left corner of the cardboard.
3. Continue to apply the rose petals to cover one side of the bookmark. You should need five more light purple and four more dark purple petals. Vary the color placement, and layer some of the dark petals over the light ones for additional texture.
4. Turn the bookmark over. Place a dot of hot glue at the top center of the clean side of the bookmark. Adhere the string end of the tassel to the bookmark with the glue.
5. Cut a length of chevron ribbon 5" long.
6. Turn the bookmark back over to the petal side. Place a strip of hot glue across the top of the bookmark. Place the ribbon on the glue, leaving a small bit of ribbon hanging off of one end.
7. Turn the bookmark back over. Place a strip of hot glue across the top of this side of the bookmark. Bring the remaining end of the ribbon over from the other side and glue it down to this side.
8. Cut off any extra ends of the ribbon that are hanging off of the bookmark.
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