How to make a rose petal luminary

Rose petal crafts typically make the flowers the star of the show. But a subtler effect can be just as powerful. In this craft, the roses are placed inside a vellum luminary so that they are slightly blurred. The result is a touch of romantic whimsy for the home.
This is a really simple craft that even kids can do, provided that you watch them closely with the hot-glue gun. There is no specific way that the flowers have to be laid out; any design will result in a beautiful luminary to decorate your house.
- 8.5" x 11" clear vellum
- Silk rose petals in white, lavender and plum
- Hot-glue gun
- 8.5" wide cardboard
- Scissors
- Tea light candle
1. Lay clear vellum out horizontally.
2. Apply hot glue around edges of first rose petal. Adhere that petal to the bottom right corner.
3. Continue using hot glue to apply flower petals to vellum, layering some atop the others. Work from the bottom right corner of the vellum to the top left corner, creating a strip of flower petals diagonally across the center of the vellum. Tip: Place purple flowers toward the bottom and white flowers towards the top.
4. Roll the vellum up with the flowers on the inside.
5. Apply hot glue to one short edge of the vellum, then fold the vellum so that the two short edges overlap. This seals the vellum into a cylindrical shape with the flowers on the inside.
6. Cut two 1" x 8.5" strips of cardboard.
7. Apply hot glue around the bottom edge of the luminary. Adhere one strip of cardboard to this glue.
8. Repeat step 7 on the top edge of the luminary.
9. Place the luminary over a tea light or small votive candle.
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