How to make a rose petal vase

Rose petal crafts are whimsical and romantic. They are often designed with sophisticated style, making them the perfect choice for home decor and also a top choice for gifting DIY projects to others.
In this project, you adhere the rose petals to the outside of a multifaceted pentagon vase. The effect is eye-catching, creating floral layers that perfectly highlight the fresh flowers inside of the vase. The layers, texture and color all complement one another to make a gift of flowers even more special than usual.
- Glass vase, pentagon shape made up of smaller pentagons, 6" in height
- White silk rose petals
- Hot-glue gun
- Fresh flowers (white rose, lavender, green leaves)
1. Apply hot glue around the edges of the first rose petal. Place it at the bottom left edge of one of the pentagon shapes on the vase.
2. Apply hot glue to second rose petal. Place it at the bottom right edge of the same pentagon, to the left of the first rose petal.
3. Using hot glue, apply three additional rose petals in a row above the first two that you placed.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have matching rose petals on all of the pentagons at the bottom round of the vase.
5. Next, apply rose petals to the top round of pentagons. But place them more sporadically so that rather than having 5 petals in each shape, you have 1, 2 or 3 petals per pentagon.
6. Add fresh flowers inside the vase. Lavender and green leaves create a perfect bouquet in which to set one single fresh white rose.
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