How to unlock your car door using a piece of string

If you own and drive a vehicle regularly, chances are that you will get locked out of your car at some point. If you do get locked out of your car, and you don’t have an automobile association membership, you can still open your car door fairly easily.
As the video below shows, all you need is a piece of string or a paracord. You take the paracord and create a slipknot. Once you’ve created the slipknot, you use your hands to pry open your car door as much as you can.
Then you insert the knotted portion of the piece of string into the opening you’ve made. From this point out, the process is sort of like fishing. Once the knotted string is in the opening, you lower it onto the pull-up lock. 
When the loop of the slipknot is on the lock, you cinch both ends of the string. When you do that, you should be able to unlock your car, just by pulling up in the knotted string. Those who have seen this method on YouTube have mixed reviews about whether or not it works. 
Some commenters such as allaroundtown praised the person who posted the method, calling it ingenious. Others blasted the method because it won’t work on their cars because they don’t have plunger-style locks. Conrad Bianco said, “Next time I'm locked out of a car made before 1980 I'll know what to do.” 
Resources Petr Kolarik and Lisa Madison

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