13 awesome DIY ideas for jewelry storage

Women love jewelry. They don't care whether the pieces are super expensive or just pretty costume jewelry, having the right piece to go with the right outfit is a must. Trying to organize all the baubles is a problem all its own. Below are 13 awesome DIY ideas for jewelry storage.
Cutlery storage 
Maillardadmin decided to solve her jewelry storage problem with bamboo cutlery trays. She spray painted them white and drilled holes for screw-in hooks in each compartment. Pre-drilling the holes for the hooks is important as bamboo is brittle and will crack. The trays were hung with anchors and screws.
Flower baskets 
If you like to garden, rather than throw away the trays from your flowers, you may want to turn the trays into jewelry holders. Pauline Molinari took her trays and sprayed both sides with Krylon 18K gold spray paint. To attach the trays to the wall, she cut 3M command strips in half and stuck them on the corners. The trays were hung in a diamond pattern, and gold S-hooks became necklace holders. 
Earrings storage and display with cheap fridge self 
If you have an extra refrigerator shelf, grab some 3M self-adhesive hooks at the store and hang the shelf on a wall. You have an instant earring holder. Add some S-hooks, and you can also hang necklaces and bracelets.
Kitchen rack 
Louise Lessing's solution was to use a kitchen organization rack. Tipping the rack on its side and placing it on a counter turned the rack into a great earring organizer. If you don't have counter space, you can hang the rack on the wall and get the same results.
Flea Market set tray 
Tonya bought an old typeset tray and turned it into a jewelry organizer. To get the same results, simply stain and varnish the tray, or paint it. Add hooks, eye screws and decorative rings where you want to add pieces of jewelry. Plan out where you want your jewelry to hang before you put your hooks in.
Recycle plastic bottles 
EPBOT decided to recycle Mt. Dew bottles into a jewelry holder. For this project you need two 2-liter bottles, one 1-liter bottle, and one 20-ounce bottle. You also need a 12-inch threaded rod and one bag of washers and one bag of nuts. 
Cut the bottoms off the bottles. If you want to make one of the 2 liters into a bracelet holder, cut it into petal shapes with scissors and smooth the edges with a Dremel. Drill holes in the center of each of the bottle bottoms. Make sure the hole is the size of your rod. Thread your bottoms onto the rod. One 2 liter makes the base, and then add the second 2 liter, the 1 liter and the 20-ounce bottle. Make sure to place a nut and washer on each side of the plastic. You can place a decorative bead on the top for a finishing touch. 
Wood and twigs 
Rebecca decided to solve her problem with driftwood and sticks. She painted the sticks with watercolors and drilled holes in the driftwood that were the sizes of the sticks. Lastly, she used wood glue to glue the sticks into the holes. The results can be seen below.
Picture frame and decorative screen door grate 
This earring organizer is made from a screen door grate that was trimmed to fit a picture frame. Remove the glass from the frame, measure the glass onto the grate and use metal cutters to cut the grate. The grate will be held in place with the tabs on the back of the frame.
Chain earring organizer 
Another simple earring organizer is to take a length of small chain and hang it on the wall using two small hooks. Drape the chain and start hanging your earrings.
Bamboo Place Mat
Christa put a bamboo place mat to work to solve her problem. She hung it on the wall and hung her French hook earrings on the slats. The bottom slats were reserved for her post earrings and latch back earrings since it's easier to access.
Long neck glass bottle and a piece of wood 
Josette Kimbal took a long-necked bottle and a piece of plywood to create a necklace holder. She drilled a hole in the plywood the size of the neck of the bottle, and slid it over the bottle. She then added screw-in hooks around the edge and hung necklaces all the way around.
Old door knobs and a piece of wood 
For this project, you need a piece of wood and some knobs. The creator of this piece used driftwood. Drill holes for the knobs and screw them in. 
Old window frame
If you have an old window lying around, you really have a jewelry organizer. All you need is some metal window screening, foam core board, fabric, skinny craft wood strips and screw-in hooks.
Decide where you want the screen to hang earrings and measure and cut the screen. Press the screen into place and use the craft wood strips to hold the screen in. Glue the screen around the edge with hot glue and tack with tiny nails for added measure. For the squares where you want to have the core board, measure the board and fabric to cover the board. Once the core board is covered, press it into place and hot glue them to ensure they stay. In the empty squares, place the screw-in hooks for necklaces and bracelets.
The next time you wonder what to do with all your jewelry, look around the house and see what organizers you have lying around undiscovered. You may be surprised at what you find.