Lady places gems inside a yogurt lid. With a few finishing touches, it's gorgeous

Got some glass gems lying around? Everyday glass gems can easily transform into extraordinary works of art and utility. In this guide, we'll embark on a journey through five exciting and innovative DIY projects that revolve around these shimmering, multifaceted wonders.
From enhancing home décor to crafting unique gifts, glass gems offer endless possibilities to express your imagination. So, gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to explore the realm of crafting with glass gems, turning ordinary objects into extraordinary treasures that reflect your personal style and ingenuity.
1. Coasters
These glass coasters aren't just pretty, they're practical. You can make new coasters for every season.
2. Glass magnets
Remember how popular these used to be? You probably bought some of these at a boutique or craft fair back in the day, not realizing how simple and fun these are to make.
3. "Stained" glass
This is a great project to brighten up dull windows. They block unpleasant views while still letting in light and also work as a privacy window for a bathroom.
4. Shimmering vase
Turn an old pickle jar (or any jar) into a beautiful vase for fresh flowers.
5. Sparkling suncatcher
These suncatchers will be stunning additions to any window in your home, and can also be crafted as a beautiful gift.