Mom makes DIY light-up art canvases for children

Hometalk contributor Chas of Fort Collins, Colo. boasts a streak of creativity, offering DIY projects ranging from gem sun catchers to charming candle-holder engravings. But it was this glowing light-up canvas art, a holiday gift for her kids, that enabled the do-it-yourselfer to satisfy any child's decor dream.
Chas shares that the holiday gifts for her family required a balance of simplicity and creativity, which she engineered herself. To follow Chas' lead, you will need eight items: a canvas, acrylic paint, Mod Podge, a paintbrush, a printed-out image (she used a laser printer), an ice pick, a set of battery-operated lights and tape.
Figure out which color scheme to use for the gift recipient, then paint the canvas and let dry. Print out your image, apply it to the canvas using Mod Podge, and then poke holes in the canvas where you'll eventually stick the battery-powered lights through.
And voilà! Behold a homemade piece of art that won't break the bank, but is guaranteed to make any bedroom come alive. (You can find more detailed DIY directions here.)
If you want to mix it up a bit, why not pick up some hip wood letters, decorate with paint or glitter, mount them on a canvas, and encircle with stringed lights!
Or do you have a favorite photo from a trip or romantic night? Get a small canvas that will fit your picture and attach that to a larger canvas covered in postcards or printed-out emails from your beloved. Then let it hang or sit it on an easel. 
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