Woman gives her bathroom a chic bathroom makeover for less than $100!

On her blog, Curb to Refurb, DIY pro Carrie states just how much she "loves to take curbside treasures junk and turn it into something beautiful!" She explains that the inspiration behind her projects comes from her own 1964 Colorado home, which apparently needed some updates when she and her husband bought it 7 years ago.
A mother of three, Carrie shows how to improve the space around her family while demonstrating the limitless range of possibilities of DIY. In May 2015, Carrie decided to give her "dark, green, and yucky" bathroom a major makeover. Check out what she did:
She began with the builder grade oak cabinet. Carrie painted it first with dark brown and then topped it with white chalk paint to give it a brighter look. 
Carrie replaced the forest green wall paint with white for a more clean feel. On one wall, she created a plank wall out of plywood and painted it white.
This simple addition gave the space a farmhouse charm, while still maintaining the fresh and contemporary aesthetic of the white. 
Carrie's fixtures and accessories included a decorative wreath, drift wood towel hanger, and a fabulous cheese box shelf.
To play on the charm of the plank wall, Carrie covered her mirror in tree bark and made a gorgeous industrial farmhouse pendant light. For her detailed DIY instructions, visit Carrie's website!
All together, Carrie's bathroom renovations cost a mere $91! The most expensive items were the plywood ($30) and shower curtain ($25). Most other parts and pieces Carrie had at home or was able to buy at a very low cost. 
Carrie isn't the only DIY blogger to transform her drab bathroom into something sleek and clean. Lemon Grove Blog shows how to install marble herringbone tile to open the space and create a refreshing environment. Abby Lawson of Just a Girl and Her Blog shows off her new and improved bathroom featuring board and batten, a textured shower curtain, and elegant tile. 
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