Lady spray-paints a cinder block. Her creation makes her garden seriously cool

Cinder blocks are the basic building material of stereotypical cheesy first-apartment furniture, but there is so much more that they can do — just ask Suzelle DIY, a hilarious do-it-yourself video blogger from South Africa who used them to transform one corner of her garden into an adorable colorful bench!
To build her bench, Suzelle gathered some cinder blocks, spray paint, potting soil, gardening tools and ready-to-plant flowers. She recommends having a friend around as well, "because these cinder blocks are a little bit heavy." (This is where she introduces Marianne, her silent sidekick.)
To follow Suzelle's instructions, first spray-paint the blocks your favorite colors, using plastic sheeting to create whatever designs or patterns you'd like to have on them. 
Next, stack the blocks into the bench formation. Make sure that some of the blocks' holes face upward wherever you want plants. When you have an arrangement that you like, use construction adhesive to hold the blocks safely in place.
Add the potting soil and plants, then some cushions.
Watch Suzelle and Marianne in the video below for more details — and a few laughs!
There are a myriad of other things you can make with cinder blocks — they're kind of like giant, concrete Legos. Other nifty outdoor things constructed from cinder blocks include: an incredible outdoor bar, a raised garden bed, and a fire pit.
Tell us about your clever cinder-block projects in the comments, then share this article with friends who might like to play with giant, concrete Legos.

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