How to make a chic DIY mirror out of toilet paper rolls

Anyone can make cute finger puppets from toilet paper rolls, but can you use them to create incredible wall art? Yes, you can, says Cindy from Made2Style, who crafted a stunning focal piece around a small round mirror. Cindy's motto is "If you can buy it, why can't you make it?" so she set out to create art -- real art -- from toilet paper rolls.
Cindy's goal was to create something with a mirror, for placement in a room with low lighting. She found a 10" mirror at a craft store for $8, and also purchased an embroidery hoop that fit around it. She wanted the finished piece to have a metalwork look, so she purchased "oil-rubbed bronze" spray paint. Then it was time to get to work.
The first thing Cindy did was to cut flatten the toilet paper rolls, then cut them into 1/2" strips. Then she glued them together in groups of four, making a circle. 
After she had about 40 of the circles made, Cindy  began placing them around her 10" mirror. Note: she did not glue them to the mirror at this point, she only glued them to each other.
This pattern created a snowflake effect. Cindy was more interested in a round shape, so she created a "tulip" pattern with four strips and used them to fill in the spaces.
Finally, Cindy spray-painted the entire thing and put it together with the mirror and embroidery hoop. She estimates that she used about 20 toilet paper rolls and six paper towel rolls for this project. The complete tutorial, along with helpful tips, can be found on her Made2Style website. 
Cindy used a metallic paint on her project, but adding a little or a lot of color can make the art pop right off of your walls. Try using the rolls to create a beautiful backing for picture frames, or even just use them as picture frames themselves in a truly unique collage gallery.
Be careful, as these toilet paper roll crafts can be addictive! You'll be raiding the preschoolers' stash of finger puppet supplies before you know it... but maybe you can make up for it by using them to decorate their bedroom with adorable beehive decorations or a 3' tree.
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