How to make a DIY drawer pull

"Rookie crafting, professional daydreaming." The motto for Shara and her DIY blog, Chasing a Dream, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Shara's enthusiasm for DIY and her love of learning and sharing, as exemplified by the"Lessons Learned" section of her blog. "I love power tools," Shara writes above a collage of photographs showing her handling a chain saw, power drill and sander. "My goals is to build everything that comes into my home with my own two hands," writes Shara. 
Though several of Shara's projects, such as an exquisite twisty table and homey faux fireplace, can be time-consuming enterprises that require heavy tools and machinery, many of her posts are quick and easy alterations, upgrades or replacements. These seemingly minor projects draw attention to the details that can subtly define the mood of a room. Shara's suggestions for DIY drawer pulls are your solution to drab-looking storage.  
What is most remarkable about this project, is the creative use of minimal materials needed. Shara's drawer pulls are made from curtain rod rings, bobby pins, finishing washers, and zinc washers. 
When selecting the curtain rod rings, consider the color of your drawers and the atmosphere of the room. Shara used an aged brass color, but you can also find curtain rod rings in silver, black, satin, as well as a variety of other colors and finishes, from shiny to matte. 
To make the drawer pulls, begin by taking the clip off the curtain ring and sliding a bobby pin onto the ring. Slide the two ends of the bobby pin into the hole on a finishing washer. Push the washer as tight as you can toward the ring. Repeat this for each of your drawer pulls.
Next, drill a hole in each drawer where you want a new pull. The hole should be just big enough for the bobby pin to slide through. Slide a zinc washer onto the bobby pin and fold over the legs of the bobby pin. To secure the bobby pins, staple the backs or use multiple bobby pins. 
And just like that, your drawers are transformed! For the full tutorial and instructions, visit Chasing a Dream. 
Shara's tutorial is a $1 version of a more expensive method by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, which uses brass hardware and cotter pins. There are however, several ways to make drawer pulls in a wide variety of styles. Apartment Therapy demonstrates how to make drawer pulls out of anything from toy animals in a kid's bedroom, to buttons in a crafting den. Better Home and Gardens suggests using an old spool, costume jewelry, or even jazzed up clothes pins. 
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