How to make a Wall Mount Staghorn Fern

A landscape designer and artist from southern California, Ananda, is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of not only humans, but all species of life. A lover of nature and the outdoors, Ananda explains, "I find myself most inspired by creations that are spontaneous, fresh, and coming from hearts of individuals living their unique life experiences." (One look at her outdoor spaces makes this very evident!)
Therefore, it is no surprise then that the most fun and functional projects featured on Ananda's blog, A Piece of Rainbow, are related to the outdoors. From an entire patio, furniture and all, made out of pallets to outdoor showers, A Piece of Rainbow is a fabulous resource for inspiring nature-based DIY. One such project is a wall-mounted Staghorn fern that introduces a taste of the exotic outdoors to any environment. 
To make the wall mounted fern, you will need scrap wood, a growing medium such as peat moss or coco coir fiber, and clear fishing line for mounting. You can purchase a Staghorn fern at your local nursery or propagate one from a mother plant. 
To build the mounting panels, cut the wood into 18 inch long slats. Paint and attach them to two 1 x 4s as braces on the back side with wood screws. Tie wire or fishing line to the screws for hanging. 
Make the built-in reservoir by cutting off the bottom of a water bottle and poking holes into the cap and each of the sides. Leave the cap screwed on the bottle so the water can seep through all the holes and irrigate your plant. Soak the peat moss or coco coir fiber for at least one hour, and then wrap it around the bottle, securing it with clear fishing line. 
Secure the fern by tying clear fishing line around the plates and the wood slats. Hang your gorgeous fern in a bright place where it will get plenty of light in the morning or late afternoon. 
For full instructions, as well as directions for how to care for your fern, visit A Piece of Rainbow.  
Plants are great accessories in any room, creating a sense of comfort and connection to the outdoors. Hanging and wall mounted plants have all the benefits of indoor plants without taking up substantial room. Homemade Modern shows how to transform a window into a flourishing herb garden. The Jungalow has instructions for building  a beautiful tiered copper planter that hangs from the ceiling. 
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