How to make a DIY paving stone planter box

Imagine stumbling upon an irresistible sale of paving stones, their rugged beauty promising endless possibilities for your outdoor space. It's moments like these that inspire homeowners to seize the opportunity and purchase these versatile building blocks, even if the "how" remains a mystery. In this comprehensive guide, we will embark on a journey to transform these humble paving stones into elegant planter boxes, providing not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to your surroundings but also a canvas for year-round botanical splendor.
With a handful of materials, a dash of creativity, and a commitment to crafting, we will explore the step-by-step process of bringing this vision to life. Follow along as we unveil the secrets to creating sturdy, eye-catching planter boxes that will elevate your outdoor space and inspire admiration from all who behold them. So, let's dive in and discover how to turn your paving stone investment into a masterpiece of functional and artistic garden design.
DIY Paving Stone Planter
Materials Needed:
Paving Stones (quantity may vary based on your desired planter box size, we used 200 stones for a 8 feet x 17 inches planter box)
Paving Base (Ours required three 40-pound bags)
Mortar Glue
Perennial Plants (or other plants of choice)
Garden Decorations (optional)
Step 1: Prepare the Area
Begin by selecting a suitable location for your planter box. Ensure it receives adequate sunlight and complements your outdoor setting.
Use a level to confirm that the chosen area is even and level.
Step 2: Dig the Foundation
With the help of a shovel, dig out the designated area for your planter box.
The depth should be sufficient to accommodate the height of the paving stones.
Remove any rocks, roots, or debris from the excavation site to create a clean foundation.
Step 3: Lay the Paving Base
Spread a layer of paving base evenly across the excavated area. This will serve as a stable foundation for your planter box.
Step 4: Arrange the Paving Stones
Begin laying the paving stones in an overlapping pattern to construct the walls of your planter box.
Apply mortar glue between the stones to secure them in place, ensuring a sturdy structure.
Step 5: Assemble the Planter Box
Continue arranging the paving stones until you've created the desired height and shape for your planter box.
Ensure that the corners are aligned and the structure is level.
Step 6: Fill with Soil
Fill the planter box with a high-quality gardening soil, leaving enough space for your chosen perennial plants.
Step 7: Plant Perennials (or other plants of choice)
Select your favorite plants and carefully plant them in the soil within the planter box.
Follow recommended spacing and depth guidelines for each type of plant.
Step 8: Add Garden Decor (Optional)
If desired, enhance the aesthetics of your planter box by incorporating your favorite garden decorations, such as stones, figurines, or ornaments.
Step 9: Maintenance
Regularly water and care for your perennial plants to ensure their healthy growth and maintenance throughout the year.
We did this project a couple of times and here are some other ideas:
Additional Ideas:
If you have leftover paving stones, consider creating a decorative walkway with playful patterns or using them as beautiful edging for garden beds.
For more ambitious projects, you can also repurpose paving stones to construct a sandbox for kids or a charming fishpond in your outdoor space.