Family finds creative solutions for awkwardly-placed dormer windows

Susan of the furnishing refinishing blog Uniquely Yours.... or Mine! describes herself as a "furniture hoarder." Since 2011, she has blogged about everything from bathroom remodels to easy-to-follow furniture retouches. Her website is divided into four categories: chairs, tables, dressers/cabinets/buffets and other, which includes things like bed frames and candle holders.
One of Susan's most interesting and popular blogging series chronicles her full home remodel. In September 2015, she had almost completed her master bathroom and closet remodel, when she blogged about the two dormer windows that sit over her garage. "The dormer areas effectually created a 8ft long 'hall' in each of the rooms. It was a lot of wasted and unused space, plus they really bothered the heck out of me," said Susan of her reason for wanting to remodel the area. 
The closet window looked out from a window seat at the end of an 8ft. long bathroom hall. "Just stupid and serves no purpose whatsoever," writes Susan. To improve the function of the space, Susan installed a floating vanity top to convert the window seat into a makeup/getting ready space.
In addition to the traditional vanity accouterments like a mirror and jewelry and make-up storage, Susan created a built-in area to house a laundry basket. Susan is especially happy with the outcome, as the dormer window lets in an abundance of natural light, making it a perfect place to do her make-up.
Susan gave the space added spunk and personality with a beautiful board and batten, adorable lighting and and a refurbished vanity stool.
To learn how Susan and her husband built the vanity using plywood and wood cleats, visit her website.
For the second window, Susan shortened the hall by 4ft so more light would flood into the soon-to-be closet. Susan and her husband installed pull-out drawers, which became the real secret to maximizing space within the walk-in closet.  
Visit the blog learn more about these and other projects on Uniquely Yours... or Mine!
Susan's solutions for dormer window space are great for anyone looking for a serious home renovation project. For those however, who would like a more quick and easy fix, try adding a desk and chair like this project on Apartment Therapy. A window seat with built-in drawers is also a great idea for maximizing both leisure and storage space in your home. You can also convert that wasted space into a cozy reading nook, as seen on the Cote de Texas blog.
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