How to make a surprisingly chic planter out of a trashcan!

Christine is the voice behind the blog, Little Brags. She describes herself as "wife, mother bookkeeper, animal lover, PINTEREST junky, and blog addict." Her writing style is indicative of the personality and eclecticism she infuses into each and every blog post. One of her most interesting projects are trash can planters. As spring approaches, these will be perfect to put out on your deck or in your garden.
This thrifty DIYer notes that had she gone to the store, she 'would have paid lots of MULAHHH.' Besides, 'this has so much more personality!!!" Instead, she upcycled old, ugly throw-away objects into gorgeous, envy-worthy garden stand-outs. Christine's fans are just as enthusiastic as she is about this DIY venture. "Absolutely, completely and whole heartedly love this! It looks great and hanging the lid is the cherry on top," writes fellow blogger Jane of Bluebird1959.
All you need for this easy DIY project are trash cans, empty plastic bottles, potting soil, and your plants or seeds. 
To make the trash can planters, poke a hole in the bottom to allow for drainage, add pot soil, and fill the trash can with empty plastic bottles. Then, plant as you would in any normal planter. 
Christine's explanation for the plastic bottles? "So I wouldn't have to make the planters 
heavier then necessary."
For the full DIY run-down, check out Christine's blog
A yard or garden is a great place to explore creative DIY and up-cycling projects, and trash cans are the perfect recycled objects for use outdoors. Believe it or not, garbage clans make beautiful flower planters.
The Lilly Pad Cottage shows how to use spray paint to transform an old metal trash can into an expensive looking planter. It may not be as pretty as The Lilly Pad Cottage's flower planter, but this backyard root cellar made from a trash can is yet another fantastic use of old garbage cans. No matter what your DIY style, trash cans are great bases for innovative garden projects.
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