How to make a DIY planter out of an old corner cabinet

Mindi was inspired after reading a slew of DIY blogs to create her very own. My Love 2 Create is how this mother, runner, dancer and lover of all things fun and DIY expresses and shares her passion for crafting and creating. "I was inspired by other bloggers that taught me many things and empowered me to create," says Mindi on her blog's About Me page.
One of Mindi's most recent posts shows readers how to transform old kitchen cabinets into quint corner planters. "I was lucky to inherit a huge stash of kitchen cabinet doors from a friend's old kitchen. This corner cabinet sparked my interest so I started brain storming ideas," says Mindi. The result is a fabulous spring time project that anyone with a garden will surely appreciate. 
"The onset of spring is probably one of the most exciting times of year, I love how everything begins to wake up and start growing again," says Mindi. Considering what to do with a pile of kitchen cabinets and reminiscing over the porch planters she made out of old drawers in 2014, Mindi had the creative thought to turn her kitchen cabinets into corner planters.
To build your own corner planter, you will need one 1 x 4, three corner shelves (you can cut these yourself using scrap wood), gorilla wood glue and nails. You will need spray paint or another paint of your choice to finish the shelves, as well as accessories for decoration.
To make your own corner planters, cut the ends of a 1 x 4 at a 45 degree angle. Drill pocket holes into each corner shelf and then build the planter by adding glue to the front of the plywood and attaching the 1 x 4 with nails. Repeat this process with the other two shelves.
Once the sides are flush to the corner cabinet doors, you're ready to paint. You can add chalkboard labels, knobs or other accessories. Next, secure the shelves with gorilla wood glue and finish nails. You can also add pocket holes for extra strength.
To help protect the wood, line the shelves with mesh material. Mindi recommends the mesh from an old box spring mattress. Be sure to cut slits in the mesh where water needs to drain.
Now, you're ready to plant!
For a full tutorial, visit My Love 2 Create.
Old furniture is a perfect base for garden up-cycling projects. Chairs, for example, make for excellent planters. Blogger Cindy Adkins shows how to plant romantic roses in a white-painted chair for a romantic touch to any rustic garden. Brenda of Bottos Blog suggests using a children's chair as the base for a planter. You can also re-purpose old file cabinets into minimalist planters, as explained on Improvised Life and Design Sponge.
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