How to make a DIY french-style garden bench out of old chairs

Jami, of DIY blog, An Oregon Cottage, had several 50 or 60-year-old knockoff Duncan-Phyfe style chairs that she wanted to repurpose (Jami explains they were flimsy and "cheaply made"). However, rather than restore the antique furniture, she wanted to transform the items into something different altogether. Her masterpiece? A beautiful french-style bench, fit for any garden.
Jami's expertise shines on An Oregon Cottage, a blog dedicated to easy DIY projects, as well as simple whole food recipes, do-able organic gardening, and living simply. And this particular project is a total winner.
To make a bench like Jami's, you will need two chairs that look good from the side. Jami suggests using chairs with a slight curve and emphasizes the importance of using chairs with backs that are one piece from the top down to the back legs.
In addition, this project requires screws, wood filler, paint, and several wood pieces (exact measurements can be found on An Oregon Cottage).
Next you will need to build a bench seat and a bottom shelf. Once all the pieces are in place, paint the bench and make a plywood seat.
Looking for Jami's full run-down? All the details can be found on An Oregon Cottage!
Are you wondering what to do with these great pieces of furniture that may not match the decor of your house? Why not take the advice of The Happy House and make a dipped 'n' striped chalk painted chair? Restore a rocking chair with the advice of Rain On A Tin Roof, who transformed a tired old chair into a contemporary invention. Martha Stewart also offers instructions for making a webbed seat and Red Gate Farm shows how to completely alter a chair into a flower planter.
With all these options, you will surely never be at a loss for what to do with that old chair. Loving this particular idea? Make sure to SHARE this article!
Resources An Oregon Cottage

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