How to make a DIY seashell-covered terracotta planter

Forget winter. Summer is coming. Time to go outside and enjoy that sunshine. Whether you live near a beach or want to bring the beach to you, Billabong has a great suggestion for reminding you of the sand between your toes. (While this project uses seashells, remember you can always buy shells from your local crafts store if your home is far away from the beach.) 
Billabong suggests planting succulents in your new shell planter, but you can be creative and use whatever local or exotic plants remind you most of summer. The best part? This planter looks great and works both indoors and outdoors, regardless of whether you live in a beach house or a city apartment.
What do you need to make these seashell-covered planters? Terracotta pots, seashells, a glue gun, and glue sticks. Then all that's left is your succulent of choice and potting soil.
Simply arrange the shells by size and glue them onto the Terra cotta pot until the entire surface is covered. Plant your succulents and enjoy your new seashell-covered planter!
Looking for detailed tips and instructions for this DIY? Check out Billabong's blog post.
Terracotta pots are super inexpensive canvases you can dress up and re-purpose in any number of ways. Make them into a bird bath, as suggested by The Gardening Cook and Our Creative Life. Or, why not use them for storage, as seen on Shelterness? You can also dress up a holiday party table, like the blogger for Its Written on the Walls does for 4th of July.
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