Lady grabs 4 old crates and transform them. You won't like your living room without it

Wood crates can often be found on the roadside with books or produce inside for free, and while you probably never gave them a second glance, they can be used to make some pretty spectacular things with a bit of ingenuity. A number of crafty people have posted their plans to the Internet. They've all got their own flair to them, but almost ubiquitously, they're awesome creations that would add a lot to any space.
The photos in this set show how we turned a set of four wooden crates into a chic coffee table that anyone would be proud to own.
First, you'll want to choose a stain for your wood crates. We used white paint for ours, but if you prefer a darker wood color, there are many beautiful hues to choose from.
In doing this step, we recommend doing it outside (so it doesn't stink up the room). Always lay down some coverings so the floor for easy cleanup.
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Next, you'll want to lay down a single piece of plywood. This serves as the base in which all the crates will be attached to.
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Secure with nail and power drill. You'll want to repeat this process for all the crates.
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You'll want to use the same drill to attach the wheels.
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Once the wheels are attached, you can roll your creation to the location of your choice. These wooden crates make for the best living room coffee table.
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It's pretty incredible to see how something so modern-looking be created with some basic crates from an arts and crafts store.
Style with your books and favorite decor items, and you are ready to go!
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