How to make a DIY recycled barrel planter

If you have lots of gardening ambition, but not a lot of space this might be a great DIY project to perk up your patio. Kate Riley, a DIY blogger sharing home and decorating tips from California's Wine Country at Centsational Girl delivers a great idea for a multi-tiered planter using half wine barrels. And while this look allows for some wine-inspired chic, it adds a little class anywhere.
"You see something in a catalog or online and you think to yourself, 'I bet I could make that for less money' or 'I think I could pull off a similar version, but give it my own twist,'" Riley says regarding the project. "That’s just what happened when I spied the tiered recycled wine barrel planter in the Napa Style catalog for $299." 
Although wine barrel's are plentiful in Riley's area of the country, they can be purchased at most chain garden and hardware stores these days. In addition to the half wine barrel, you'll need additional wood, a jig saw, compound miter saw, power screwdriver & drill bit, measuring tape, wood screws and twine. 
After a few initial cuts to the barrel, Riley attaches angled wood to compose the various levels of the planting space in this garden conversation piece. Centsational Girl provides full, instructions as well as detailed measurements for all wood cuts.
The blogger brightened up her patio by planting a variety of succulents and dahlias in her planter, but you could easily use this idea for shallow-rooted eatables, such as herbs or small greens.
With today's move toward home gardening, even the densest urban areas can hold vegetables and floral gardens using very little space. Materials such as gutters and even shoe organizers turn even the smallest patios into gorgeous gardens with just a little creativity.
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