How to make DIY lights out of table tennis balls

String lights -- they're not just for Christmas anymore. Browse any department store's seasonal aisle and you'll find specialty string lights with holiday themes and seasonal colors at any time of year. Making your own lights has become a popular, and usually easy, craft project.
Sarah and Nick of The Surznick Common Room had a blast making their string lights into year-round decor, calling it the "quickest and easiest project we've ever done." They just love the elegance of the soft white lighting.
To create these lights, all you need are table tennis balls, a string of LED lights, and a swivel blade craft knife. Use the knife to make an X-shaped slit in each ball, then push a light into the X. It's really that simple!
Look for more detailed instructions at The Surznick Common Room.
It's easy to adapt the lights to your personal decorating style -- add twinkle to your landscape with star-shaped lights, add drama with a string light chandelier or add a magical aura with pixie dust lights! Lights can also be strung on a temporary basis to celebrate the changing seasons or for a particular festive occasion, like a holiday or wedding.
LED string lights are designated for indoor or indoor/outdoor use, so pay attention to the designation before you purchase. It's a good idea to keep in mind the materials you intend to use for your craft -- those pretty paper flower lights can be used outdoors, but will they stand up to rain? Best of all, LED lights do not get hot and are energy-efficient as well, so there's really no reason not to include their glowing charm in your decorating plans.
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