How to make a DIY macrame hammock

With warmer weather on the horizon, most people are envisioning spending more time outside. Barbecues, picnics and even just sitting outside on a warm night are so much closer to becoming a reality as the rain the temperature gradually rises and we start getting more sunshine. 
In fact, there's no better way to relax than to just kick back and relax outside. However, why settle for laying on the grass or in a stiff old chair when you can relax in your very own homemade hammock? Angie Diersman from eHow brilliantly uses a few common objects from a craft store to make a hammock that looks like you bought it from a fancy outdoor decorating retailer!
Using two sizes of wooden dowels, you'll form the frame of your hammock. Drill some holes into the larger dowels and secure them with some screws or nails. Angie went with the natural wood color of the dowels here, but feel free to paint them any color of your choosing!
Using some macrame or some sturdy rope, you'll begin weaving the rope from one end of one dowel to the other. If you're handy with knots, you can experiment here and get decorative or if you could just cross weave your rope vertically and horizontally.
Angie got creative here, tying the ropes every so often to not only ensure a secure fit, but also a comfy and supportive seat! Use a single color of rope or macrame or try weaving together a few different colors for a more unique look!
And for detailed instructions on how to tie the macrame, make sure to visit Angie's post on eHow!
Once you've tied off the other end (making sure to go a little longer than the entire length of the frame in order to give yourself more of a seat), you can hang it in a sturdy tree branch or from your porch and enjoy the warm weather in total relaxation!
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