5 adorable DIY projects you can easily make with string lights

YouTuber cyn1890 gets to work and shows us how easy is to make your house look prettier than ever with some Christmas lights, creativity, and not that much effort. In the video below that she shared in December, 2013 she demonstrates five super simple yet gorgeous DIY projects involving Christmas lights. 
The easy-to-follow how-to of these stunning, inexpensive ideas will show you how to recreate them at home with minimal effort. All the materials are easy to find and to use, so let's all get to work and review her crafty ideas. Remember that when it comes to Christmas lights crafts, it's safer to use LED lights, since they don't heat up.
1. DIY mini bonfire.
For her first idea, cyn890 started by gathering some twigs she cut from a fallen branch. Then, she lightly spray-painted them white and glued some lace trim over them. This step adds a more girly touch to the project, but it's completely optional!
Once her twigs were ready, she simply made a circle out of some rocks, placed the Christmas lights inside and arranged the lace-wrapped twigs as if it were a bonfire. Judge the lovely result by yourself. 
2. Photo string lights.
This idea is as easy as it gets. Gather your favorite family pictures and attach a string of Christmas lights over your bed or the wall you want to decorate. Although you can try to use adhesive wall hooks to attach the string to the wall, cyn1890 recommends using nails, since they worked better for her. 
Now, grab some clothespins. Cyn1890 embellished her with silver spray paint and glittery scrapbook paper, but you can decorate yours as you please! Hang the photos to the string with the clothespins and it's done! You can also add some silver ornaments to the project for a more complete look. 
3. Paper doilies light wreath.
This lovely light doily wreath is also super easy to make. You'll need paper doilies and a wire wreath, that you can find at most crafts stores. Wrap the Christmas lights around the wreath and then attach the paper doilies to the light bulbs. 
You can leave the doilies as they are or embellish them with glitter spray paint, as cyn1890 does. 
4. String lights canvas.
For the string light canvas, you can get a regular canvas, but foam poster boards are more budget-friendly. Attach a wall decal of your choice to the board (making sure it's the right size), turn it around and poke small holes in it with the help of a pencil, a nail or even a chopstick. Carefully insert the Christmas lights in the holes, turn it on and rejoice at how crafty you are! 
5. Glittery Flower lights.
For the last project, you'll need some old (or new!) glittery snowflake ornaments and some plastic flowers you like. Start by removing the plastic base of the flowers so you're just left with the petals. Then, insert the light bulbs in the little hole in the center of your flowers and you're almost good to go! Cyn1890 chose to decorate her flowers using two different types that she glued together and also to embellish them with some glitter spray paint. She added the final touches by hanging some snowflakes from the string. Is that easy!
Which of these projects was your favorite? Please, don't hesitate to watch the step-by-step video below and SHARE these gorgeous ideas with your friends so they can feel inspired too! 

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