How to make a lovely pallet island for the kitchen for less than $50

Pallets have proven once again to be a very budget-friendly alternative not only to simply decorate but also to create very functional and useful furniture. Take, for instance, this idea shared by Jen at Noting Grace and this other variation by Les Palletes du Coeur. They both show us how to make ourselves a beautiful, very easy to make DIY pallet kitchen island. This would be a perfect project for those who, as Jen, are renting an apartment but need extra cooking or storage space in the kitchen. 
First, let's take a look at how Jen took on her project. This low-cost project allowed Jen to transform her kitchen entirely. The pallet kitchen island can not only be designed to exactly fit your needs and the needs of your kitchen, but also provides additional extra storage thanks to the hidden shelves. Who needs Ikea when you can create unique pieces of furniture for less than $50? 
The design would always be up to you, but Jen opted to build a frame and then attached the pieces from the disassembled pallets to create the walls of her island. 
Jen simply arranged the pallets together, creating the supporting structure for her kitchen island. The different textures of the wood gives the project a very rustic, yet finished look. 
In the case of the countertop, Jen doesn't recommend using pallet scrap wood. Sometimes, pallet wood is treated with harmful chemicals, so she didn't feel comfortable using it for a cooking surface. You can use leftover pieces of wood to create the top. In any case, Fix always recommends choosing the cleanest pallet possible for indoors upcycling projects, as well as they provide a guide that helps finding chemical-free pallets and how to differentiate them.  
Finally, to achieve a more rustic look, Jen applied a distressing glaze that gives the island that lovely hue and also provides a seal that protects the wood from food stains. You could also try to achieve a more colorful look by painting the wood with any other color you prefer!
When it comes to build furniture with salvaged pallets, the possibilities are practically endless. This is another take on the same idea but, this time, the island turns out to be a completely functional kitchen. This idea was shared by Les Palletes du Coeur in their Facebook
In this case, they've integrated a full stove in the pallet island, creating a fully functional, mobile kitchen. It not only provides extra shelving levels but also includes drawers and a very generous cooking or food displaying surface. 
What a neat idea, right? We love the rustic look these pallet islands give to the kitchen but, what about you? Please, don't forget to SHARE this idea with all your friends so they can feel inspired to DIY too! 

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