Man converts unused cement space in backyard to hold DIY benches and firepit

Two birds, one stone. Actually, 45 cement blocks. Imgur user dalewithac was tired of looking at the broken basketball hoop on the consequently unused cement pad in his backyard; he also had 45 unused retaining wall blocks lying around, left behind by a previous homeowner. So he asked a buddy for an assist, and the two got to work.
The first step was to prepare the blocks. A hammer made it relatively easy to wedge them out of their current positions and knock off any stuck-on residue. Once the cobwebs and residue were hosed off, the decrepit-looking blocks looked like new! 
The men began stacking them into a round shape to build their firepit. They discovered that at four layers "it starts looking more like a well and less like a firepit," so they left it at three layers. When the inside was filled with gravel and a few bricks then topped off with a grill cover, the firepit was ready for use!
For the seating area, the men used cinder blocks and pressure-treated timber. 
They took the additional step of using 1/2" pipe to secure the wood into place, using decorative caps for a nice touch.
With added cushions and throw pillows, the result is an outdoor man-cave to be proud of. This backyard will receive much more use now, especially with a crackling fire and mountain views to enjoy!
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