Unique ideas to make room dividers using wood pallets

One of the best things about a hands-on project is the rewarding feeling at the finish, when one can stand back and admire the outcome of honest, hard work. DIY projects provide ample opportunities to get the creative juices flowing while bringing unique ideas to life in a rewarding way. 
If you're in need of some inspiration for your next home project, we've got you covered! Introducing wooden pallet room dividers. The simple, yet eye-catching pieces can be customized to fit inside any room and are perfect for creating a sense of privacy without having to install an actual wall. 
The following idea comes from the blog My Friend Staci and is as functional as it is charming. According to the blog, Staci acquired several free pallets and found the perfect use for them in the form of a room divider, which she adorned with various pictures and signs. The project remains one of the most popular ideas on the blog, inspiring fellow DIYers to pick up the pallets and do the same. 
If you're looking for a sleeker version of the rustic partition, check out the following pallet divider from Modified Originals. The varying sizes and directions of the pallet pieces give the divider a modern look. What's great about this DIY project is the versatility of the pallets. As is shown in the example below, each piece can be painted and shaped to achieve whatever look desired. 
Joy Lyn from Joy Lyn Photography, crafted a stunning pallet partition that also functions as a display for her photography. As you can see in the photo below, the design of pallets makes for excellent photo hanging. Joy Lyn used string to help hang photos of various sizes upon the divider, which is painted a soft, cool shade. 
More photos of the lovely display can be found on Joy Lyn's blog

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