How to make a DIY bubble mirror

Mirrors are among the most versatile decorating tools available; with careful placement, they can perform any number of useful functions. "Mirrors bring light and depth into rooms," designer Andreea Avram Rusu tells HGTV. "They're like decorative windows you can move around and place as you like."
Best of all, mirrors are neutral in style; it's the frame that is decorative, and DIYers know how to craft frames in any style, from classic to contemporary to country. To illustrate this point, we found a few wonderful DIY mirror frame projects:
1. Bubble mirror using embroidery hoop
This easy project can be made with just a few simple materials. We used an embroidery hoop to help achieve the perfect circle shape.
DIY Everywhere
Use spray paint to add a pop of color to your eggs. Make sure the paint dries completely before going to the next step.
DIY Everywhere
The final mirror is perfect above a mantle or vanity dresser.
DIY Everywhere
2. Bubble mirror from cardboard
To make this bubble mirror, the ladies at Creatively Living found a large piece of cardboard and added 6" of space around an existing round mirror with black frame. They glued halves of plastic Easter eggs and fake oranges onto the cardboard, and spray-painted the entire thing. Detailed instructions are available at Creatively Living.
The only item purchased for the bubble mirror project was the spray paint. Total cost: $5.

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