How to make a DIY garden bench out of a pallet and cable reel

Bongo has a great approach to creativity, as posted on his Facebook page: "It's no point hoarding stuff if you don't make something out of it." When he looked around and saw a couple of pallets and a large cable reel just sitting around, he decided to make a garden bench out of them. The result is a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture that cost him less than $1.
He describes this project as a "simple garden bench" made with "basic workshop tools that most of you have" and in the video below, Bongo certainly makes it look easy. At the end of seven-and-a-half minutes, he is relaxing on his gorgeous new bench, enjoying a book and a drink and a very obnoxious cat.
The first thing Bongo does is disassemble the pallets and cable reel.
The rounded parts of the cable reel become the sides of the bench. (Bongo does flatten the bottoms so the bench does not rock or roll!)
A few pieces of scrap plywood become finishing edges for the top and front of the bench.
More scrap wood is fashioned into small table fixtures and attached to the sides -- perfect for holding a drink and a book!
A coat of whitewash puts the finishing rustic touch on Bongo's fabulous new bench.
Be sure to share this impressive upcycle project with anyone who loves to "hoard stuff and make something out of it"! 
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