How to make a hanging vegetable planter using a pallet

In the not-quite-one-hundred-years since pallets were first introduced to the world of material handling, people have come up with countless uses for the revolutionary invention. LNC Pallets & Crates writes that prior to pallets, it took three days to unload a load containing 13,000. When loaded up on pallets, LNC writes, the same shipment takes "a mere 4 hours to unload." 
While pallets were invented for a very specific purpose, DIYers around the world have repurposed them for every reason under the sun, and this walkthrough showcases one of our favorites. In the clip below, Espoma Organic takes a boring old pallet and turns it into a lovely vertical planter. The end result is something that would make a great addition to any home garden.
Laura recommends hanging the pallet first — she astutely points out that the job will be a lot harder once the pallet is full of dirt. This calls for securing the mounting brackets on the pallet, and drilling corresponding holes on the wall or fence you'll be hanging it on. 
In her next step, she covers the backside of the pallet with a thick piece of plastic. She uses pond liner, which will be perfect given that they're meant to hold water in. After using a staple gun to attach it, she trims the excess using an Exacto knife. 
To line the bottom, Laura uses landscape fabric, which will allow for moisture to escape, while holding in the soil above. She staples it to the bottom of the fabric, as seen in the picture below. 
At this point, she adds two more boards (one to the backside and one to the bottom) for increased reinforcement. Now that all the hard work is done, it's time to get into arranging your plants. 
Laura starts the process by stuffing the top of the pallet with bulk coconut fiber. This keeps the soil from spilling out. 
For soil, she uses organic potting mix and has had great results with it. 
To get the ball rolling, she fills each gap with soil, making sure to pack it in tightly. 
For her plants, she chose lettuce and flowers. She plants the lettuce in the front openings and uses her top planter for some beautiful violas. What might you plant in yours? Let us know in the comments.
Were you inspired by this project? What changes would you make to make it your own? Let us know in the comments, and when you're done, share it with your friends on Facebook. They might come away even more inspired than you did!

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