Turn old tires into a wishing well planter

A pile of old tires may be tempting to toss, but they can actually be transformed into a beautiful wishing well for your garden or yard. Rather than spend your day at the dump, you can spend it on a project that is sure to add a charming appeal to your special space. 
With a few old tires and a bit of creativity, you are well on your way to making a fun garden centerpiece that reflects your style and personality. What's even better? Your new design can also double as a planter! 
Read on for some tips for how to get started. 
The well can be made entirely of reclaimed products, but be sure to secure the pieces well. The Owner Builder Network recommends using a strong landscaping adhesive to hold the tires together.  
The traditional look
Want your well to look like the real deal? You can accomplish this by painting a brick or rock design on the tires. Go the extra mile by attaching a roof made out of real shingles, PVC pipes, or more tire cutouts. The Owner Builder Network offers suggestions for attaching the roof and adding small touches for an even more realistic look. 
Add a splash of color
Don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to design and color scheme. You can make your tire wishing well stand out from the rest of your decor or match your existing color scheme. The options are only as limited as your imagination! What makes this concept so great is the usefulness of the end product. As described in Backwoods Home, the real advantage of recycling tires as planters is that it is durable and environmentally friendly.
Add some texture 
You can certainly get crafty with this wishing well project. Add texture for a more earthy feel and incorporate other decorations to complete the overall look. While using tires in the garden has its advantages, Mother Earth News reminds us that the soil in the tire planter may get too warm for some plants and eventually the tire will begin to biodegrade. 
With the weather warming up, it's time to give your garden a face-lift! Love these ideas? Share them with your friends. 

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